Sensitive / Inflamed Scalp Regime Sensitive / Inflamed Scalp Regime

Sensitive / Inflamed Scalp Regime


Calming and soothing treatment for sensitised scalps to reduce inflammation.

This treatment is used to soothe and bring relief to sensitive or sensitised scalps, calming shampoo along with a concentrated multi-active product is used to counteract scalp inflammation and resultant itching.


For best results, it is essential to have the "Sensitive/ Inflamed Scalp Treatment" with each appointment or at least every second appointment until scalp reaches optimum condition.

After 3 weeks you will have reduced your inflamed scalp significantly alongside reducing your scalp irritation.

Continue using Calming Shampoo & Calming Superactive to eliminate inflammation 100%.

Products Included:

NaturaltechCalming Shampoo 250ml

NaturaltechCalming Superactive 100ml