Our Team

Our experienced, international stylists are inspired by nature, lifestyle and culture. Having worked across Europe, America and Australasia their diverse set of skills are brought together at Badaro.

Constantin Harach

Orginal Founder

Constantin's a natural creator. Hairdressing from an early age in Lebanon, Costa moved here in 1974 and opened his first salon after 11 months. 45 years on and four salon evolutions later, Badaro is now in the guiding hands of his wife Victoria and son Anthony.

Costa retired from Badaro in 2012 but his vision remains its cornerstone: to help each client be the best they can be. Proud to have created a prominent institution, Costa’s joy today is seeing his family succeed and simply being in New Zealand, where his extended family first arrived 120 years ago.

“It is my pride and joy seeing my family growing & developing an incredible team of passionate hairstylists while ensuring we are sustainable in all areas of our business”


Owner / Director

Anthony has an ambitious nature that paves the way for Badaro as a leading sustainable salon with a team of high-end hairdressers. Born into the industry from a young age, Anthony has instilled his own environmental values into what was originally his father’s family salon of 45 years.

Anthony’s passion and growth mind-set extend beyond his own business, to elevating the industry as a whole through training and development. If he can help hairdressers bring a depth of knowledge to their offering, clients will leave with an experience that lasts beyond the salon.

“I have a philosophy with life that if you’re not growing you’re shrinking, there’s no in between. We have a growth mind-set, in everything we do.”


Owner / Master Stylist

Victoria's motherly nature sets Badaro’s caring tone. Care for each other, for their clients, and for the environment. Married to original founder Constantin, Victoria keeps the family passion of hairdressing fuelling, working the floor for over 20 years and setting the standard of loving what you do.

Specialising in short women’s haircuts, Victoria likes to create styles that make life easy. She loves seeing haircuts evolve organically over time, as relationships grow and trust builds, and offering her clients their often only hours of forced luxury. Some of whom have been with her for 45 years.

“We’ve actively sought to become sustainable. We’ve become more and more conscious and not afraid to make a change.”


Salon Manager / Master Stylist

Thao is a Master Colourist and Stylist, with over 20 years’ experience transforming hair and lives. Originally from Sydney, Thao’s skills are an accumulation of her colour education, fashion shows, photo shoots and training in Vidal Sassoon contemporary and classic haircutting techniques.

Thao’s niche is in creative colour and balayage work, with creativity and fashion being the inspiration for her passion. She loves the challenge of creating new colours and styles for a diversity of wearable looks, and building relationships with clients that see them leave the salon as glamorous as they are transformed.

“The Badaro dream team are all super talented individuals who have their own niche area they specialise in.”


Master Colourist

Kalib's feel good nature comes through in his work and leadership in colour. Coming from California, his vibrant personality and 8 years’ experience as a hairdresser and colour educator explains his passion for blondes, coppers, and natural tones that pop.

What drives Kalib is helping others feel good. A real talker and listener, he loves guiding people through change, putting a smile on their faces, and seeing them walk out of the salon that little bit taller. The hairdresser-client relationship is a unique one, that Kalib unreservedly admits he adores.

“Working at Badaro is great, we have an amazing team of people here who are all here to build each other up.”


Artistic Stylist / Colour Specialist

Beyond being Badaro’s Artistic Stylist, her personality is to naturally look after others. In the industry for over four years, Rachael has a passion for colour and building trust with her clients to create a look that’s right for them.

Confidence is what Rachel has gained, and what she loves seeing instilled in her clients as they leave the salon. Seeing the impact that a colour & haircut can have on someone is empowering, knowing you can help someone feel good as well as look good.

“Badaro has nurtured me as an apprentice and Emerging Stylist allowing me to move confidently into my role as an Artistic Stylist, making sure I’m well educated and confident in everything I do. I’m constantly growing and pushing my boundaries."