Psoriasis / Dandruff Regime Psoriasis / Dandruff Regime

Psoriasis / Dandruff Regime


Feel better with our antiseptic, calming, preventative and curative treatment for both dry and greasy dandruff.

All formulas are enriched with Phytoceuticals extracted from dandelions, rich in polyphenols and sugars, with a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power.


It is normal to experience redness and/or tingling while your Purifying Gel is on your scalp. If you experience intense discomfort, rinse immediately and contact us. Ensure you use calming Superactive if you experience an itchy scalp and or any discomfort for immediate relief.

Follow the instructions of your stylist and you will have eliminated dandruff 90-100% within six weeks. It is important to alternate the Purifying Shampoo & Gel with the range prescribed by your stylist to ensure we are hydrating and nurturing your scalp while treating dandruff.

Products Included:

NaturaltechPurifying Shampoo 250ml 

NaturaltechPurifying Gel 150ml

NaturaltechCalming Superactive 100ml