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Your Personal Guide to Balayage at Badaro. Its Wonders and Maintenance by Rachael Kelsen, Colour Director at Badaro.

By Anthony Harach

balayage balayage

Welcome to the world of Balayage at Badaro! If you've been dreaming about achieving that sun-kissed, natural-looking hair transformation, our stylists can't wait to introduce you to the world of balayage! Sit back, relax, and let me walk you through this wonderful hair technique that I love, and why we believe it could be the perfect fit for your next hair adventure.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a term born from the French word 'balayer,' which means 'to sweep'. It’s a freehand hair colouring method that gives you a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends, making your hair look like it's been subtly kissed by the sun.

Balayage is an art form that our stylists specialise in and adore here at Badaro.

Unlike traditional highlights, our stylists meticulously hand-paint balayage onto sections of your hair, creating a personalised colour that seamlessly blends with your existing hair, adding depth and vibrancy. The Badaro balayage experience is all about enhancing your individual style and personality while giving you a long-lasting low maintenance colour.

What are the benefits of Balayage?

Versatile: One of the reasons our stylists are passionate about balayage is because its versatile and can be tailored to your desired level of maintenance. If you want an extremely low maintenance option, your stylist can keep the colour close to your natural tone, so the grow-out phase is even less noticeable.

Natural: Balayage mimics the effect of the sun on your hair, which means you'll leave our salon looking like you've just come back from a sunny vacation. Unlike traditional highlights or all-over colour, balayage allows for a softer, more natural grow-out. As the highlights are placed strategically, the colour continues to look blended as your hair grows out, reducing the obvious contrast between your roots and coloured hair.

Easy to Maintain: We know how valuable your time is. That's why we love balayage - it grows out beautifully with no harsh regrowth lines.

Kinder to Your Hair: Balayage is less damaging than traditional colouring techniques, as the colour is painted onto the surface, not saturated through each strand. We want your hair to not only look fabulous but also stay healthy and strong. All of our balayage packages include OLAPLEX or K18 treatments to ensure the integrity of your hair is maintained.

Why Consultations are essential before your first Balayage appointment at Badaro..

Getting to Know Your Hair: Everyone's hair is different, Everyone's hair tells a story. We pride ourselves on understanding that story. During a consultation, we take the time to examine your hair – its texture, density, history of treatments, and overall health. This isn't just a professional assessment; it's our way of getting to know you and ensuring that our approach to your hair will highlight its natural beauty and minimise potential damage.

Your Vision, Our Vision: Your hair dreams are important to us, and we want to make sure we're envisioning the same results. A picture may say a thousand words, but it might not always tell the whole story. By sitting down together, we can align our understanding of your dream 'caramel blonde' or 'chocolate balayage.' It's about making sure we're on the same page and setting the right expectations.

Transparent Communication: Your trust is important to us. During the consultation, we'll give you a clear picture of what achieving your dream look entails, both in terms of cost and time. We believe in transparency, and we want to make sure you're comfortable with all aspects of the process before we begin.

Building a Bond: To us, a hair transformation is a shared journey. Consultations are our way of building a strong, trusting relationship with you. They are an open space for you to voice any concerns, ask questions, and for us to guide you through the process. Your confidence and comfort are our top priorities.

At Badaro, we consider hair consultations as a steppingstone towards a successful hair transformation. They allow us to provide you with a highly personalised, satisfying salon experience that leaves you feeling fabulous, both inside and out. We can't wait to embark on this exciting hair journey with you!

How to maintain your balayage..

Use Prescribed Home Care: Everyone’s hair is unique. At Badaro we recommend home care tailored to your hair & scalps specific needs to ensure you get the best results, your colour is maintained, and the integrity of your hair is enhanced.

Towel Dry your hair: Balayage-treated hair loves moisture. When using your prescribed conditioner, masks or treatments at home, towel dry your hair before applying to ensure the product does not become diluted and just sit on top of the hair. We want your treatment to get inside the hair and get to work. Leave the product in your hair for at least 1-2 mins or more if possible before rinsing thoroughly.

Less is More with Washing: Try to limit hair washing to two or three times per week. Over-washing can fade your colour faster. If your hair gets oily between washes, our Davines Invisible Dry Shampoo is perfect for you.

Regular Trims: Keep your ends healthy with regular trims. This helps your balayage look its best by removing dry ends and maintaining the shape of your hairstyle. We recommend doing this with your toner refresh every 5-7 weeks.

Schedule your next appointment: At Badaro we book out 6-8 weeks in advance, and in some cases longer. Pencil your next appointment in with your stylist to ensure you don’t miss an appointment and find yourself waiting weeks to get in. Your appointment can always be brought forward or pushed out to ensure it’s the best timing for your hair, however if you don’t have your next appointment booked you could find yourself waiting up to 8 weeks in some instances.

At Badaro, we're committed to helping you keep your balayage looking its best. If you ever have any questions or would like help making a booking, our stylists are just a call away, ready to guide you.
We can't wait to create and help you maintain your stunning balayage look!

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